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Thought About Success

Thought About Success

Hello, Everyone!

There was a very lazy man who lives in a village. The types of people who feel happy when the plan gets cancel, people who just believe in relaxing, eating, and sleeping.

Once that man was very hungry, but he had nothing to eat, so he goes out in search of food while searching he sees a mango garden, and he feels great to see that garden and the best part that garden has many mangoes, looking those mangoes his hunger increases.

He looked around and didn't see anyone guarding the fruits on the tree then he secretly goes inside the garden, but as soon as he walked into the farm, climbed the tree, and started eating mango.

He sees that the farmer(owner of that garden) saw him and started coming at him with a stick, looking to him he gets afraid and started running towards the forest nearby and went inside it to hide after some time when he felt safe then he started walking from the forest and while passing through.

He saw a Fox, it had only two legs and still was crawling on them happily, looking to that Fox that man thinks how he must be able to feed himself.

How he gets food and how he is still alive from the threat of other animals when he was in deep thought, suddenly he hears a roaring sound of a lion, listening to that roar every animal started running and hiding, even that man gets scared.

Hence he runs and hides above the tree after climbing the tree, that man realizes that this fox will die, this fox has no legs how would she run.

While he was thinking, he saw that lion was going near the fox, but the lion didn't eat that fox, looking to that scene that man was in shock and in confusion too, when that man sees that lion more attentively, then he notices that lion has a big piece of meat in his mouth.

That lion left a piece of meat which was in his mouth for the fox, he left it so that fox can eat, looking to that scenario, that man gets shocked, he feels, how's that possible instead of eating that fox, the lion was actually feeding her.

Looking at such a magical scene that lazy man smiles. He feels happy seeing God's play, he thinks that the God who is the creator of all. 

Always has a plan for everyone, he is taking care of what he has created, He feels that God must have something planned for him too, so from now on I will not rob.

I will sit somewhere and wait for my food, for sure someone will come and feed me after making a decision, he leaves from there and sits on the footpath.

He sits there for one whole day but still, no one comes to feed him. The second day starts and almost gets over but still, no one comes to feed him.

Finally, he couldn't bear the hunger and in anger, he started to leave, when he was leaving in anger suddenly he met an old sage on the way (the wisest person of his village).

That wise person has a solution for almost every problem, therefore that lazy person tells the entire story to that old wise man after listening to his entire story, that old man smiles and says, "That yes you were right", God has a plan for everyone, and you are obviously a part of god's plan, Creator of all has planned for you too.

But Son, You have taken his signal in a wrong way after making you see that magical scene God didn't want you to be Like a crippled Fox, but He wanted you to be Like A LION, Who always helps other.

You can learn a lot from this story but the very important thing which you must learn. I have converted that moral in a magic sentence, a small mantra Which is "HOLD RESPONSIBILITIES AND KILLS LAZINESS".

If you notice unsuccessful people then you will see them doing two things. first, they always try to find short cuts in their lives, and second, they always want someone on whom they can blame.

See short cut means when we see someone ahead of us when we see someone more successful than us then we start thinking I wish I would be like him/her or I wish I would be successful like him/her.

I wish I win the lottery and become rich, I wish I dig the ground and can get a lot of money from it such people always want to be fit without working hard.

such people want to be healthy without putting efforts into getting results without actions and hard work is not possible, on the other side when anything bad happens to them, they start blaming others.

They start saying my relatives are bad my friends are not good. This government is not good, that's why I am not able to do anything, otherwise, I would have achieved a lot.

If not others or the world then they will start blaming God, That God always does bad to me having such thinking is really very bad, because the fact is if you have food which you can eat anytime if you have the capability of wearing a decent dress.

If you have a house where you can live your life, then you are rich and lucky compared to 75% of people. Still, if you can't find yourself lucky then visit government hospitals and see people who are suffering a lot.

They don't have health, money. See the problem isn't that you are not intelligent or fit.

if you are intelligent and fit, then you have the basic thing which is required to move ahead in life but still, we lack because the problem is our laziness, we are very lazy, we don't want to do anything.

we want to get everything just by being in our comfort zone and such thinking is not good at all, as I have said in my 6 basic human needs.

That if you want fulfilling successful happening life then completing two things is very necessary,
first Growth and second is Contribution till you can't grow and can't do good for others till then you can't live a happy life.

Hence there is no use of laziness...

Now before ending this Blog, I would advise you to become like a lion, who takes his responsibility and helps others not be like a fox who is dependent on others.

Through this blog, we came to know that laziness is our biggest enemy.

Thank you


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