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Hello Friends,

Today, I am going to tell you how to attract anyone, or how to make anyone your friend in less than 90 seconds or less.

I am going to tell you these secrets from an amazing book called “How to Make people like you in 90 seconds or less” By Nicholas Booth Man.

So, let's start it.

Likable people are always open, welcoming, and friendly in nature and you can notice their sincerity, trust, and self-confidence in their behavior as well.

And you can develop all these qualities in yourself by regularly meeting other people.

If other people do not find you interesting in the first 90 seconds after meeting you, then they would want to get rid of you as soon as possible.

So, if you want people to like you more, then you have to invest your efforts from the very beginning and this starts even before you speak a single word from your mouth.

Any new person notices three basic things just after meeting you. These three things are your body language, your eyes, and the expression on your face.

Thus it is essential that when you meet anyone, these three elements give the feeling of openness to other people.

For doing this, you will have to show your interest in them. Along with your body, you will have to move your brain as well toward them.

This effort will show your sincerity and commitment and openness in the conversation and in them as well.

After this, you need to see directly in the eyes of other people. This establishes trust and as soon as you make eye contact with another person make sure you give a genuine smile to them before they think or assume anything else about you.

Let your positive attitude shine with a broad and genuine smile. With this simple action, other people will consider you as a genuine, open, and sincere person.

With this simple effort, you already made a warm and welcoming mood for the situation, and now you need to initiate by introducing yourself.

You can do that with a standard greeting, like Hi or hello and you just need to do that in a very pleasant tone.

Along with that make sure you share your first to the other person and it will encourage the other person to introduce themselves.

For example, you can say,….Hello, I am Sahil. When you say this, then the other person will also, share his or her name with you.

And as soon as they share their name, you just need to repeat their name.

Let me give an example of that.

You said… “Hello, I am Sahil”

You got a response… “Hi, I am Sameer”

Now you have to say, “Sameer, Nice to meet you Sameer.”

In his famous book, “How to win friends and influence people,” Dale Carnage shared the fact that the name of any individual is the sweetest sound in the entire world for that person.

That is why you must repeat another person’s name in the conversation as much as possible.

This method will increase your acceptance and respect. Other than this, it will also make it easier for you to memorize their name.

And finally, you have to lean forward slightly. Just a little leaning would be enough, just like Mr. Obama is slightly leaning forward in this photo.

With your slight inclination, other people will assume you are showing interested in them and you are listening to them carefully. Also, it will give you a pleasant appearance.

Just look at this photo and tell me who is looking more generous in both of them.

Of course, it is Mr. Obama, because he is using this principle. Studies proved that people hire those people that are similar to them and even most of the time they date people with similar people because they make them feel safe and comfortable.

If you try to pay attention, you will find, you enjoy the company of those people who think like you, who behave like you and those who make you feel comfortable.

You can be comfortable for them just by syncing your voice with their voice. The synching of voice is a very powerful tool in communication skills.

For this, you need to speak at the same pace as other people are speaking. That means if they talk slow, then you should not run fast and second thing, you shall try to use the same tone similar to them.

If they are calm and relaxed, and you will speak loudly or with excitement, then it won’t work well for you.

You need to use the same volume and you need to relax while talking. With this, other people will think you are like them and they will feel more comfortable while talking to you.

In 1979, Dr. Lisa Berkman did a study on 7000 people and this study lasted for nine years. With this study, she found that people that do not have more social connections or those who do not meet other people, they get ill.

more often, and it increased their chances of earlier death as well. And who meet other people more often, were likely to live longer.

So, go and expand your social circle without having any fear, without any complications. And if you want to read and understand these principles in detail, you can buy the book.

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