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Locust Attack in India ! ! !


Locusts are a species of grasshoppers fan in the family of Acrididae. The insects are very solitary but some times they become aggressive and change there behavior and habits, become gregarious. The Locusts and grasshoppers look the same. The Definite is whether a Species form Swarm Intermittently Suitable condition.

Origin of Locust :


Scientists are saying that this outbreak, through Spared from Recent out-breath in east Africa, is driven by the most important factor global warming. unusually warm weather and more rain.

All of these started at the end of 2019 when there warm water in the western Indian oceans.

These causes lots of Rains over the East Africa Regions and the Arab peninsula. This is a suitable climate for the breeding of locusts.

 The movement of swarms depends upon winds, On, That time winds are blowing west to East in and little South Right now. This is the Reason the Locusts are pushing the info center of India.

Already the crush one of India's famous Reserves, Panna national park, covers a tree full of countless Insects, like a twitching & bark 

How Locusts are dangerous for Humans:-

Locusts are not Harm people directly, they don't bite people like other Insects (Mosquitoes or ticks) Although they eat plants. Locusts swarms popular for continuous feeding on Agricultural crops, tree or other plants, In fact, this feeling can destroy Crops and grasses grown for people and livestock, causing
Famine and Starvation in communities that depend on their Crops for Survival. Large Locusts Swarm attack on our Large Agricultural area and destroyed, that's increase people's poverty.

The life cycle of Locusts

Step -I Mating - 

The Male Locust calling female Locust to Mating and Insert semen into the Sperm sac located on the female Locust's abdomen. After mating, females release their eggs.

Step 2 - Egg - 

female locust lay their eggs in the ground which is hard firm soil. commonly 50 eggs deposit in one group. Their groups are Known as "pods"


The locust eggs are breeding for up to 2 weeks. The baby Locusts are known as Hoppers or Nymphs. After the two months of breeding the Nymph locust go through five molting stages called instars. After the fifth instar, the Locust's wings are fully developed.


 After the fifth molt, the Locusts are Known as feelings. But Although they can't fly. Their bodies take 7 Days time to harden and become capable of flight. During this stage, the Locusts Continually feed plant in Order to s store up the energy necessary for flying.


After two weeks of fledgling, Locust to Reach sexual maturity. Adults are grouping together to form swarms containing thousands of locusts. They are live approximately 10 Weeks. During this time they mate female Locusts and females lay eggs. This cycle is Continue vice versa.

How to prevent / Stop Locusts 

In current time, primarily Method is desert Locust swarms and hoppers band in with mainly organophosphate chemicals applied in little concentrated doses by vehicle-mounted by and aerial sprayers.

 But, This is not easy to control millions of Locusts Swarms. There are Many Reasons why it's difficult to control or prevent. Experts can take at past weather patterns and historical Records to Invention on Idia to control swarms.

Some Experts worry that Locust Swarms Plagues will Effect on the Earth global warming and rising sea temperature and including a surge of a rare cyclone.

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